Virtual Assistance

1 %
reduction in tech dispatch
1 %
increase in NPS
1 %
increase in FCR rates
Customers may require virtual assistance when they encounter difficulties with purchased retail products. Learn how the implementation of remote virtual assistance software can help improve ticket resolution time and increase customer satisfaction.

Use case: Virtual Assistance

Sometimes customers experience problems with the products that they buy. This is especially true with complex technology or items with too many pieces to put together. The products may not be broken, but simply too complex to assemble. If it is too complex for the customer to figure out, he or she can call customer service for virtual assistance. If the problem is too difficult, the company might send someone to help the customer in person. Thanks to ViiBE, virtual assistance is quick and easy.



When a customer is struggling to assemble a treadmill or transfer data onto a new phone, external help may be necessary. The customer will call the customer service line at the company where the device is from. The support agent will first try to provide virtual assistance with simple voice communications, over the phone. For these more challenging and technical issues, virtual assistance via voice call may not be enough.

1 %
in transportation cost savings
1 %
return on investment
1 %
increase in productivity
With ViiBE the agent can escalate the call and send the customer a link. In one click and without download, the customer will join the ViiBE call. Here the agent can provide video-based virtual assistance. Using ViiBE’s collaborative tools, the support agent can provide accurate, step-by-step guidance to help the customer solve the problem remotely. This enhanced virtual assistance leads to a faster ticket resolution. Saving time and money instead of sending on-site support leads to higher customer satisfaction.

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