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When mechanics fix cars that have broken down, they may be unsure about issues with highly specialised machinery. Find out how using video calls can reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Use case: Video Call

When people experience problems with their vehicles, they often bring them to a repair shop for servicing. Despite their extensive knowledge, repair shop mechanics can still benefit from ViiBE’s video call technology in the event of complex, specialised issues. For example, a client may drop his or her car off at the repair garage and report that the car’s transmission has been slipping where the car either won’t stay in gear or starts missing gears.


When the mechanic goes to look at the transmission, he or she may find that it is not simply a fluid leak or gear damage, but something more complex. Particularly as cars become more electronically complex, mechanics can benefit from video call platforms to contact the OEM and receive virtual assistance. It is costly both in terms of time and money for the repair center to have an OEM specialist come on-site to perform repairs, but with a video call, the expert can explain what to look for and how to resolve the problem remotely.


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This becomes even more feasible when using ViiBE, thanks to the various collaborative functionalities. In this situation, the expert might use the red laser feature and live video feed snapshots to guide the mechanic to look at the car’s engine. Here, the expert might identify that an issue with the engine is causing the car’s computer to block the driver from shifting into certain gears. Without a video call, diagnosing and resolving the problem would be much more complex and costly. Thanks to the video call and quick resolution, the customer will report higher satisfaction at being able to get back on the road faster.

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