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Companies need to perform inspections but are unable to travel on-site due to new restrictions. Learn how the implementation of remote visual assistance tools can help companies to continue inspections while adhering to safety standards.

Use case: Remote Inspection

Across industries, companies are required to perform inspections at various points along the value chain. However, following local, regional, and federal restrictions, many worksites and facilities are prohibiting visitors to protect their employees and clients from potential exposure to the Covid-19 virus.


During remote, guided inspections with ViiBE, the inspector can guide the on-site workers through the inspection process on any device, without having to download an app. With ViiBE, the inspector can zoom in to get a detailed look at a product or machine, use advanced markup tools to make notes and point things out, and capture images and videos for documentation purposes. Remote inspections via video collaboration tools make it possible for inspectors to quickly, effectively, and efficiently complete inspections without having to travel on-site or worry about in person restrictions.


The differences between on-site and remote inspections are highlighted in the box below:

Remote Inspection

➡ Real-time video call

➡ Verify product, process, or machinery specifications and procedures via live video and pictures

➡ Reduced personnel requirements

➡ Inspection reports are archived for full traceability, including the video recording, all pictures taken and documents sent during the inspection, and any notes made following the procedure.

On-Site Inspection

➡ On-site & in-person

➡ Verify product, process, or machinery specifications and procedures via an in-person check

➡ Regular personnel requirements

➡ Report made post-inspection according to the details that the inspector remembers and any pictures that he or she captured.

When needed, the inspection can be divided into several ViiBE sessions with all of the sessions organised into one unique ticket or folder to offer better traceability. Once an inspection is complete, the inspector ends the video call and can move on to another guided inspection without needing to travel to a new worksite. Everything is recorded and the pictures are archived so that the inspector, other colleagues, or clients can review the inspection reports. ViiBE helps companies navigate workflow transitions so important procedures like inspections can continue to take place while teams adhere to tightening safety standards. Remote video assistance solutions optimise inspections from a distance and improve the quality of inspection reports.

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