Industry Maintenance

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On construction sites, industry maintenance is a key issue. Downtime on industrial machinery can drastically slow down production. Learn how the implementation of remote maintenance can help increase efficiency.

Use case: Industry Maintenance

On a construction site, there are many complex and expensive machines. They have to work together to keep projects moving forward. When problems arise, industry maintenance experts must help with the problem resolution. These industrial, heavy-duty machines have high maintenance costs for both repairs and depreciation. Additionally, whole projects may stop until these machines are fixed.

An operator may encounter problems with an excavator or a tower crane for example. If the operator is not an excavator or crane specialist, he or she will need remote support from an industry maintenance center. Using ViiBE, the operator can call the industry maintenance center by sending a call link to a group of experts specialised in tower cranes. The first expert to click on the link will immediately enter into a ViiBE call with the operator. The industry maintenance expert can use ViiBE’s collaborative tools such to guide the field operator to safely solve the problem.

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reduction in costs
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increase in productivity

Concretely, a tower crane may experience a structural failure or deformity. During a ViiBE call, the industry maintenance expert can look at what the crane was carrying. It may be an issue of overloading, or there might be a defective machine part that needs replacing. If overloading is the issue, the industry maintenance expert can send the operator a copy of the crane’s working specifications. The expert can highlight the maximum load capacity. Then, the operator can save the annotated document so it can be quickly referenced for future use.

After the call is complete, the video of the live assistance can also be found in the ticket history. This supports knowledge management. Thus, if the operator comes across a similar industry maintenance issue, he or she can reference the video archive to recall how the problem was previously solved.

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