Incident Report

1 %

decrease in production costs

$ 1

saved each year

1 %

decrease in tech dispatch

An incident report help track technical issues on offshore platforms. Learn how incident reports can facilitate knowledge management to reduce both machine downtime and the number of trips offshore.

Use case: Incident Report

On offshore oil rigs, workers can use a past incident report to find a solution to a problem. This is helpful to upkeep the complex moving parts that need to function together to produce oil. Incident reports help on-site technicians work quickly to fix technical and expensive machines. They can use ViiBE to contact remote experts for an efficient and correct resolution. For example, an offshore technician may encounter problems with a gas lift compressor. He or she may find a past incident report and see that a similar issue was resolved with a ViiBE call.


The incident report may state that the on-site technician used ViiBE to call a gas compressor expert. Both the incident report and ViiBE video archive might show that the gas lift compressor last malfunctioned as a result of a faulty gas turbine, which is used to drive the compressor at the production site. During the ViiBE call, the expert could have analysed the compressor specifications and error messages. This could be used to determine if the turbine was the source of the problem. Then the expert could specify how to either fix or replace it.

1 %

increase in time saved

1 %

increase in expert productivity

1 %

decrease in operator errors

Thanks to the past incident ticket and ViiBE’s video archive, the machine can get back to production more quickly. This knowledge management system reduces downtime as well as the number of trips that experts have to make offshore.

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