Customer Experience

1 %

increase in NPS

saved annually for customers
1 %

increase in FCR rates

When people need their insurance providers, they expect a positive customer experience. Learn how the implementation of remote visual assistance tools can improve customer experience.

Use case: Customer experience

Customer experience is important to retain customers in the insurance industry. Providing a positive customer experience is possible with efficient, remote communication and fast problem resolutions. It can be difficult for insurance companies to create a pleasant customer experience. Cases often involve complex issues with very personal results for the customer. 



When a customer’s car breaks down on the side of the road, he or she will call the typical customer service line to get help as quickly as possible. If the call center agent is equipped with ViiBE, the agent can send the client a link to join a ViiBE call. In one click and without download, the customer will enter into a ViiBE call with the agent. Here the agent can decide to view the incident from the customer’s front or back camera. The agent can also forward the call to the most appropriate expert if needed. ViiBE enhances customer experience because customers become frustrated when they feel misunderstood. This happens often with complex, technical issues. With ViiBE, the support agent can see exactly what is happening. Thus, the agent can provide more accurate guidance and a positive customer experience.


saved per customer

tow truck trips ViiBE avoided
1 %
reduced tech dispatch

In the case of a car breakdown, the agent can use ViiBE to help the customer realize that a tow truck is not needed. Rather, the client might need to add more air into one of the tires at a later time. Being able to get back on the road safely and not spend time or money on a tow truck results in highly satisfactory customer experience scores.

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